Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2, Day 4 - January 11, 2012

So far so good with the Healthy Eating plan.  I have managed to stay on track even though my son is home from college and loves to cook and bake!

Yesterday was a challenge at School.  Most of the class along with our teacher went to Umami Burger for lunch.  I opted to stay behind and have an awesome grilled shrimp salad with arugula, avocado, olive oil and lemon juice.  Now that what I'm talkin' about!

Today I did well too.  I just made some terrific Kale Chips from a recipe my son gave me.  Low in carbs , crunchy and satisfying like potato chips, sooooo good!


Meal 1:   Banana, Coffee with sugar free creamer, 1 slice Ezekiel with a tiny bit of butter & 1 egg
Meal 2:   Jerk Chicken (no skin) 1/2 cup of black beans & rice (healthy style), 1/4 of a fried plantain (yes, I know, the fried part is not so good, lol)
Meal 3:  Kale Chips (homemade)
Meal 4:  10 medium grilled shrimp, more kale chips
Meal 5:

Water: 9 glasses!