Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reacquainting Myself With An Old Friend

As Summer has now blown in with a gentle breeze and my children have flown off in different directions like the seeds of a dandelion delicately drifting towards their destinations I have found myself wanting to rekindle lost friendships and reacquaint myself with me. I want to find myself again now that my permanent job as keeper of dreams, nurse of scraped knees, doctor of tummy aches, cook, storyteller, money tree, & chauffeur to all places big and small has taken a back seat. I sometimes feel like I spent my whole life so wrapped up in being a mother that suddenly being laid off from some of those jobs has left me what? My children will always need me, this much I know, but now is a time for reinvention. I recently called a good friend of mine who I had lost touch with. It was like no time had gone by. We were talking at a bubbling speed trying to catch up on all of the years. We talked abut so many things, but one thing that stood out was the fact that over the years we all have put on a few pounds or noticed significant changes in our bodies that we are not fond of.
I have always been interested in fitness, and worked out regularly for the past 20 years. I have been knwon to be a yo-yo but I have never given up trying to be the best I can be and being the healthiest I can be. A few years ago I stumbled upon a great on line program that really helped me get a grasp on what I was doing with my fitness program. I had great results and suddenly it dawned on me. "I could be dong this for other people". I could be a living testament to the health and fitness we need as we get older. It was my "ah ha" moment. Do you remember when your love for fitness and eating healthy hit you? When you felt you just had to make a positive change in your life?

What was your "ah ha" moment? Please leave your comments.

Big Hugs, Gina