Friday, May 25, 2012

Why You Should Walk & Squat Like A Toddler

Good Posture Begins From the Time You Learn To Stand:

Yes, that's right!  We should all aim to stand and walk like a toddler.  It seems that young children are born with naturally decent posture.  When they first learn to walk they may toddle around, hence the term toddler, but have you ever actually watched a young child's posture when they are standing, walking, running or all out moving?  Here you can see a small child squatting.  Look how he naturally rests on his heels, his knees are straight and don't turn in or out.  His chest is lifted and his spine is in a nice neutral position.  Can you do that?
As we age, we develop some bad habits.  Stress & fatigue can cause us to slump over, our spines to curve downward and our shoulders to slump.  Just sitting at a desk all day can cause our hip flexors to tighten up which will affect the whole kinetic chain. 

What is the Kinetic Chain?
The Kinetic Chain is the relationship, or how your nerves, muscles and bones work together to produce movements.
Once something in our kinetic chain becomes imbalanced we start to overcompensate in some way to avoid the discomfort we may feel and that begins the decline of our posture. As mentioned above, if you sit at a desk all day your muscles in your hips can become tightened due to under use. If your hips feel tight you will tend to lean forward which will in turn cause your shoulders to slump.

Injuries can also cause us to become imbalanced as we compensate the pain we feel with poor posture.

The next time you are out and about take the time to watch some young children playing, it could save your posture.