Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running Shoes - My New Kicks.

Having the right running shoes is so important to overall performance. Everyone seems to be singing the praises of the new barefoot experience style shoes that have gained popularity lately.  I decided to give them a try.  I ordered 2 new pairs of shoes.  The first are the Reebok RealFlex Run for Women.

I chose the black suede with overtly pink soles.  This is a short excerpt from the Reebok site about the shoes:

RealFlex Run Women's - Suede
RealFlex is all about natural movement. Engineered with 76 individual flex-friendly sensors, these shoes are designed to help your feet move and flex as you run, jump and stretch. Through the footstrike, through the pushoff - you have 76 new running buddies to help you along. It’s natural movement - perfected.
  • Suede upper for comfort and fit
  • RealFlex™ sole design - 76 individual sensors that allow for multi-directional flexibility and optimal foot feel through entire footstrike
  • Low-profile, minimalist silhouette for low-to-ground feel and added mobility; form-fitting design and sock-like feel keeps shoe in contact with your foot
  • 3D Ultralite outsole provides lightweight support while encouraging natural footstrike; PU sockliner for added cushioning 

I love the look of these.  They are super lightweight and have a nice slim profile which is flattering to the foot.  I haven't run in them yet since my ankle is still healing, but as soon as I can I will let you know what I think!