Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trying Something New!

Well, I have been working out hard and trying to continue on with eating cleanly but I still feel like my metabolism is messed up.  I find myself sometimes not eating as many calories as I should and then not losing weight or inches.  This is very frustrating but I also know that in the long run this can also be detrimental to my fitness goals.

We constantly hear that "calories in calories out" is the key to weight/fat loss and that exercise can accelerate this process.  I do believe this is true but I am finding that in most weight loss programs they don't take into consideration our consumption of processed foods or hidden sugars. 

I am in menopause (yes at my age) and it has been a rough and bumpy road as I try to get my hormones under control.  I have had to ask myself, "what were you doing before that got you better results that you aren't doing now?".  Well the answer surprised me.  I have fallen into the trap that I can eat what I want as long as I don't go over my calculated caloric deficit and I work out hard.  Neither Weight Watchers or really keeps track of what exactly one is eating, especially when it comes to sugar.

I have been working out so hard 6 days a week that I have been feeling tired and achy in my joints not my muscles.  I feel burned out not invigorated.  So what to do?

I did some research on the web & I happened to catch an episode of Dr. Oz where Jorge Cruise was a guest.  I found his new book "The Belly Fat Cure  - Fast Track".

It sounded like he was talking about ME!!!!!  He had the same beliefs I do and seemed to be on to something.  I also happened to visit my friend Doris' blog and by golly Doris was following Jorge herself and getting results!

I have enjoyed reading his book, I really do agree with all that he says and am going to put it to the test. 
I am starting his 2 week fast track eating plan today, so please check back to see how things are going!