Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 1, Day 4 - Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure - Fast track

Today was a long day at school.  We are finishing up Kinesiology and reviewing our NASM book quite thoroughly.  We ended our day by running.  I have never really "ran" before so this was not fun for me.  I don't hsve proper training in running but plan to take some classes such as the "From Couch to 5K" course to learn proper techniques.  Funny, my legs were not tired but my lungs were on fire!  I hope to get better at it, but for now....just not my thing. 

I am feeling pretty good on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure - Fast track.  I still miss my little banana and Ezekiel toast, but....not forever, I will add them back in after I have everything under control.  I can't say I am having cravings for anything which amazes me, but I DO miss certain things I used to eat out of habit, comfort, etc.

This morning I had a great bootcamp workout.  I did Scott Colby's "5280" workout from his Bootcamps on Demand program.

Warm Up: 5:00 minutes

Push Ups x 12
Squats x 20
Spiderman Climbs x 20
Jumping Jacks x 30
(2 rounds of this)
The object is to do 4 rounds of the 4 intervals for a total of 1 mile sprinting as well as a tough workout of various exercises.

Sprint 100 yards (1/16th mile)
Lizard crawl push ups x 20
Side to side Squat jumps x 20

Sprint 100 yards
Mountain Jumpers x 20
Squat Thrust – Broad Jumps x 20

Spint 100 yards
Spiderman Plank x 20 (10 each side)
Get Ups x 20

Sprint x 100 yards
Suicide Plank x 20
In Outs x 20

4 rounds of this entire circuit – rest as needed.

I was only able to complete 2 rounds of this workout as I had a time constraint (and a NASM Chapters test at school).  It took me about 30:00 minutes to complete the 2 rounds.

Afternoon Workout:

Warm Up - 5:00 minutes
Myofascial (Foam Rolling), Dynamic Stretching to warm up calves, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, etc.

Run 4 laps of 20:00 minutes without stopping.  (each lap is just over 1/2 mile).
I ran the first 2 laps and did a combo of speed walking & light jogging (read lungs burning) for 1 1/2 laps.  It took me 22:00 minutes to cmplete.

5:00 Minutes stretching out  calves, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, etc.

Meal #1:   7:30 am - 2 slices uncured bacon, 1 egg, coffee with half & half , vanilla & stevia. (Probiotic taken 30 minnutes after this meal)
Snack:    Harboiled egg, 15 raw almonds
Meal #2: 2:30 pm -  4 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups cauliflower, hot sauce., 2 pats of butter. 2 tbs shredded parmesan cheese. (Probiotic taken 30 minutes after this meal)
Snack: No snack
Meal #3: 6 ozs of lean beef cooked with green bell peppers, garlic , olive oil & hot sauce.  2 cups of arugula, shredded parmesan cheese, olive oil , lemon & garlic dressing and small piece of Brie cheese.   (Probiotic taken 30 minutes after this meal)
Sugar:  gms
Carbs: g
Water: 9 glasses