Wednesday, April 20, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. April 20, 2011

Week 6, Day 3
My SMART Quest for today is: Try and get more sleep!  With that said, I had planned on going to sleep earlier like the night before, but no luck!  My dogs kept barking last night too, so I felt tired this morning.

I feel like I am repeating myself but I am back to my lowest weight during this program as well as the lowest I had gotten in Ageless Abs 1.  I had gained a tiny bit over this last reward meal since I was in Las Vegas and it was so close to measurement day. It feels great to be seeing the results and my clothes are getting looser! I love being able to fit into my older clothes and even they are starting to get loose as well! 

Awoke:  5:00 am
Warm Up: 5:25 am 
12 push ups
16 squats
16 spiderman climbs
20 jumping jacks
Completed 2 rounds! 

Workout:  5:30 am

Today I am doing Scott Colby's Weight Based Interval Training #2, week 6, from Ageless Abs 2 Program!  I will continue to add more reps and do more advanced moves.   

Metabolic Acceleration Phase - Week 6

Weight Based Interval Training #2 

BOSU Grasshoppers with Push Ups x 20 total push ups 
BOSU DB Squat to Y Press  ( 15 lb dumbbells) x 16 reps
DB One Legged Step Up with Bicep Curl (15 lb dumbbells) x 20 total (10 each leg)
BOSU DB Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise (15 lb dumbbells)  x 16 reps
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Rest only as needed
BOSU Grasshoppers with Push Ups -  I decided to stay with the 20 reps as I love push ups.  I could really feel this in my obliques. I thought about going to 25 reps, but this was challenging enough!
BOSU DB Squat to Y Press  -   I added extra reps and I tried to bump it up to 17.5 lb dumbbells, but I would not have been able to do all the reps on the BOSU.  It was hard to balance and have good form. I went back to 15 lb dumbbells and my balance was much better
DB One Legged Step Up with Bicep Curl   -   I stuck with the 20 reps.  This week I did bump up to 15 lbs, it was really challenging.  I sort of dreaded this exercise, but pushed through it for all of the rounds.
BOSU DB Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise - This was good.  I could have maybe gone up to 17.5 lb dumbbells, but then I wouldn't have been able to do 16 reps.
I was exhausted by this workout!  I felt really tired but I was glad I got through it!
I was able to do 3 rounds in 21:32, I shaved off 2 minutes from last weeks time of 23:31 minutes.
I completed exactly 2 3/4 rounds in 20:00.
R#1 - 7:08, R# 2 - 7:04,  R#3 - 7:20
I finished this workout with a 5 minute Couplet Finisher #2 ( it took me 5:40)

Bodyweight Rows  until you can't do any more - R1 24, R2 18, R3 13 (I forced myself to do 1 rep more per round than last time, lol)
(I used the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar - much more difficult to do the BW Rows on)
Jumping Lunges until you can't do any more - R1 38, R2 32, R3 29 (same thing, made myself do more reps)
Meal #1:  7:30 am -  coffee & sugar free creamer, 1 small banana
Meal #2:  9:30 am - Scrambled egg whites
Meal #3: 2:00 pm - Grilled Tilapia Fillet & Steamed Broccoli
Meal #4: 4:30 pm -2 slices toasted Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with 1 Tbs natural peanut butter, 5 dried apricots, a few raw almonds.
Meal #5: 7:30 pm - sliced Jicama & hummus

WATER: 9 glasses

MINDSET:  Another good day!  I hope I continue to feel motivated and positive.  I am usually on an emotional roller coaster, but I have been keeping myself busy with my miniature doll business orders.  I also had some baby parrotlets hatch in one of the nests.  I am so happy about this!  I love those little parrots!