Friday, April 29, 2011

Flavilicious Fitness Review April 2011

Flavia Delmonte's Full-Body-Licious fitness program -

"A Female's Formula for a Flawless Figure"

Okay folks. I downloaded Flavia Delmonte's "Full-Body-Licious" fitness program. It is being offered for 50% off the retail price for a limited time.  I talked with Scott Colby before ordering the program and we decided it would be a good program for me to follow after I finish Ageless Abs 2.  It is being sold & targeted to women.

I have watched the DVDs but I haven't actually tried them yet as I am still on another program so I will try them soon.  They look good, but I want to point out a few things I have noticed that you may or may not like.

For the price you receive 5 DVDs that are downloaded to your computer.  There are also 5 videos that can be downloaded to your Ipod/Mp3 player as well. And Flavia also includes printable worksheets that you use during the workouts. 

  • Disc #1 -  "Tight & Trim Thighs"
  • Disc #2 -  "Show-off Stomach"
  • Disc #3 -  "Booty Booster" 
  • Disc #4 -   "Sleek & Shapely Shoulders" 
  • Disc #5 -  "Beautiful Backside"

Equipment used: Stability Ball, Dumbbells 3 - 15 lbs., Jump Rope & Resistance Bands (Medicine Ball & Barbells are used in some of the circuits but can be substituted)

Let me clarify that the purpose of the DVDs is to show you each of the moves.  The DVDs are not the traditional type that you can pop into your DVD player and follow along with for the entire workout.  They are just a guideline to show you how each exercise works, and how to perform each move with proper form.  If you are looking for a program that you can workout along with the instructor then this is not the program for you.

I will say that Flavia gives excellent cues on how to perform the exercises with proper form through out the DVDs

I felt that the enclosed Printable Workout sheets seem to be a bit off.  They don't give a real visual of the actual exercise you will be performing.  I am familiar with many of the exercises, but If I was a newcomer to fitness I would find this confusing.  I plan to fix my workout sheets to properly reflect each move as it really is supposed to be done.

No fancy equipment is listed as necessary but I found that in Disk #1, you have to have access to a machine of some sort or a TRX resistance system.  I am guessing that for Circuit #1, "Row with Squat" you can probably attach a resistance band to a doorknob if you don't have a Home Gym Machine. (I don't).  Also she shows a TRX System used for the "home version" of the "Wide Grip Lat Pulldown", but I don't own that either so I will have to attach some resistance bands to a "doorway pull up bar" to be able to do this exercise. 

I would also like Flavia to mention what size medicine ball she is using as well as how heavy her dumbbells and barbells are.  Everyone should work at their own level, but I always like to know what the instructor is doing to see if I can work at the same level as well.

I do feel that this will be a good program for me and I am anxious to start the program.  I was a bit nervous hearing that the workouts are each 60 minutes long but I have since found out that it will depend on your fitness level how quickly you go through each circuit.

Pros:  This is a great program for someone looking for a challenging workout.  It will be helpful to have a good knowledge of proper diet & a love for working out. It is reasonably priced and nice to have a fresh outlook on weight training exercises.

Cons: She doesn't really offer a meal plan for daily use.  She does have a plan called the "Deadline Diet" that is used to a couple of weeks so having a good plan or knowledge of healthy eating would be good.  Also you will be on your own, no support group so you will have to have the desire to workout and be successful!

Personally even with the few glitches (that can be fixed).  I would recommend ordering this program if you need something new to do in your fitness plan and you want a good challenge. 


Tarrell said...

great review, Gina. thanks!