Friday, April 1, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Fri, April 1, 2011

Week 3, Day 5
My SMART Quest for today is:  Do whatever I have been doing. It is working!  I am fearful of the weekend and of my reward day, but I guess I have earned it!  I was so good at last night's dinner function for the school.  I did not have any of the food or drinks there and ate exactly what I was supposed to that I brought with when I was supposed to.  It was a long night and I was glad it was over!

Sleep:  7 1/2 hours - Went to bed about 12:10 pm  - I was so tired.  I was a long night but thankfully I was able to sleep in as my daughter did not have school today.  I got up at 6:30 am but went back to bed and slept until 7:30 am.
Awoke:  7:30 am
Warm Up: 8:00 am 
8 push ups
12 squats
10 spiderman climbs
20 jumping jacks
Completed 2 rounds!

Workout:  8:05 am

Today I am doing Scott Colby's Weight Based Interval Training #3, week 3, from Ageless Abs 2 Program!  I will continue to add more reps and do more advanced moves.   

Metabolic Ignition Phase - Weeks 3 and 4
Weight Based Interval Training #3

Bodyweight Row Narrow Grip Feet on Stability Ball x 20 (I used the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar instead)
Medicine Ball One Legged Reach  (with 12 lb dumbbell) x 20 each leg
BOSU Spiderman Climbs x 25 each leg
BOSUSquat Thrust Push Ups  (BOSU Burpees) x 20
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Rest only as needed

I did not feel like working out this morning.  I have found that when I sleep in I get side tracked and don't feel like working out, but I talked myself into the workout and got right to it. 

For the Bodyweight Row I use my Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar.  I added 5 extra reps, but since the dip bar forces you to be very horizontal to the floor it is much more difficult to pull yourself up all the way.  I keep my weight in my heels which also causes it to be more difficult.  I still find these very challenging. I did some of the reps with the BOSU but I will have to work my way up to it, but I can see my arms taking on more shape so it must be working!
With the Medicine Ball One Legged Reach I used a 12 lb dumbbell.  My medicine ball is only 8 lbs and I think I actually could have gone to 15 lbs.  I sure could feel this in my glutes, quads, calves, abs and lower back!  mazing that such a smallmove can do so much!  By the 12th rep on each round I could really feel the burn.  I went slowly and really pressed up through my heel and used my abs to bring myself back up.  I think this exercise took me the longest to do because I really wanted to have good form. (Something I am a stickler for).
Bosu Spiderman Climbs - I did 25 reps per leg.  I probably could have done 30 per leg, but I felt like it was taking so long to complete each round. 
Yesterday I did BOSU Squat Thrusts with Push ups!  I didn't realize that we were doing the Squat Thrust Push Ups today but decided to add the BOSU again.  I like to call them BOSU Burpees.  I think these were very challenging as well.  Doing 20 reps was tiring, especially with the jumps in between and then jumping down with hands n the underside of the BOSU into a push up!  Good stuff!  Sweat just loves to roll off of me onto the poor BOSU!  I didn't see this exercise on Scott's Videos, but if he hasn't added it, he should.

All in all it was a pretty good workout!  I was able to complete 3 rounds in exactly 22:00 minutes.
3 3/4 rounds in the 20 minutes.  It took me an extra 2:00 minutes to do the 20 reps of the BOSU Squat Thrust!
R#1 - 7:53 R# 2 - 7:07 R#3 - 7:00

Meal #1: 11:30 am - Banana & Coffee with sugar free creamer
Meal #2: 3:00 pm - Fresh Steamed Shrimp & Korean Spicy Fish Soup
Meal #3: 7:30 pm -  2 slices toasted Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with 1 Tbs natural peanut butter.

WATER:  8 glasses

MINDSET: Yesterday was a long and stressful day so it was nice to have that all behind me.  I am also doing well with my eating plan and seeing the results I had been hoping for. I now my eating was clean today, but I missed a couple of meals. When I see my I feel bad that I didn't eat more.  It was a busy day.  I was hoping to have an easy day, but got a late start and then had to take my daughter to meet her friends.  From there I had a late lunch at a Korean Fresh Seafood place on the Pier with a friend.  I was afraid I would be bad but I ate very healthy.  The shrimp were steamed or boiled with green onions and jalapenos (peel and eat), good stuff, and the Korean spicy fish soup was not that spicy ans was not salty either, it had tofu fish, shrimp, green onions mushrooms & shrimp in it.  I didn't eat much as I don't like bones on my fish or heads on my shrimp, lol.