Wednesday, April 13, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. April 13, 2011

Week 5, Day 3
My SMART Quest for today is: I am feeling better today so my Quest is to stay that way!  I am back to my lowest weight during this program as well as the lowest I had gotten in Ageless Abs 1.  I am very happy about this. I also noticed a loss in most areas when I measured on Monday , some even lower than the first time I did Ageless Abs 1.  I am hoping that the next 6 weeks I will see some good results.  I stayed up way too late again last night so I was very tired when I awoke this morning.  I have not been getting enough sleep so one of my goals is also to get more sleep!

Awoke:  5:00 am
Warm Up: 5:25 am 
12 push ups
16 squats
16 spiderman climbs
20 jumping jacks
Completed 2 rounds!  I am still adding a few extra reps to my warm up to get my heart going!

Workout:  5:30 am

Today I am doing Scott Colby's Weight Based Interval Training #2, week 5, from Ageless Abs 2 Program!  I will continue to add more reps and do more advanced moves.   

Metabolic Acceleration Phase - Week 5

Weight Based Interval Training #2 

BOSU Grasshoppers with Push Ups x 20 total push ups   
BOSU DB Squat to Y Press  ( 15 lb dumbbells) x 16 reps
DB One Legged Step Up with Bicep Curl (12 lb dumbbells) x 20 total (10 each leg)
BOSU DB Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise (15 lb dumbbells)  x 16 reps
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Rest only as needed
BOSU Grasshoppers with Push Ups -  I decided to do 20 reps as I love push ups.  I could really feel this in my obliques.  I could have added more reps but I knew that the more reps I added the less rounds I would be able to do.
BOSU DB Squat to Y Press  -   I added extra reps and I could really feel this with the 15 lb weights.  I still have trouble balancing with the weights.  I think my partner Doris is amazing as she can balance on the underside of a BOSU and still squat and use weights!  Amazing!  I don't think I will try it, I will just add more weight.
DB One Legged Step Up with Bicep Curl   -   I stuck with the 20 reps.  I tried to go to 15 lbs, but my arms were so tired, and I had a hard time balancing so I used the 12 lb dumbbells.
BOSU DB Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise - I had a few moments of stability issues, but finally got the hang of it.  I think the BOSU is just do new to me so I am enjoying the challenge! 

I was so tired by the end of this workout!  I felt like I was dragging.  I really need more sleep and am planning to take a nap.
Once again it took me so long to do the extra reps.  I was shocked at how long it took me to do the first round!  I was able to do 3 rounds in 23:31 minutes.
I completed 2 1/2 rounds in 20:00.
R#1 - 9:06, R# 2 - 7:11,  R#3 - 7:14 (Yikes)

I finished this workout with a 5 minute Couplet Finisher #2 (well it took me 6 minutes, again, I seemed to be so tired!Bodyweight Rows  until you can't do any more - R1 23, R2 17, R3 13
(I used the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar - much more difficult to do the BW Rows on)
Jumping Lunges until you can't do any more - R1 37, R2 30, R3 28