Saturday, July 30, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Sat. July 30, 2011

Had a fun night last night.  Today is a HIIT day so again I am doing Zumba! I have my Trainer Certification on August 11th so I am trying to get in as much Zumba as I can. I still feel it is not so challenging in the fitness level but I am getting better and better with the moves each time.


Meal 1 - 1 small banana & coffee & sugar free creamer (14.4 gms sugar)
Meal 2 - Just a few Tablespoons of plain oatmeal & 1 hard boiled egg
Meal 3 - 3.5 ozs of top sirloin steak, 2 servings of cooked snap peas, milk chocolate chips (I am angry at myself for giving in to this craving, but I can't go back, only forward!) (57 gms sugar, OMG, I'm a loser)
Meal 4 - Chicken breast stir fried with onions and bell peppers in a tiny bit of olive oil (2 gms sugar)

WATER:    8
Sugars:      73.4 grams (horrible)

I had a huge craving for chocolate, I think it was from having a reward meal the night before, oh well!