Wednesday, July 27, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. July 13, 2011

This is our 3rd workout on the new Bootcamps On Demand program offered by Scott Colby.

It is called Get Up and Go!

I start the workout with a dynamic Warm Up of:

12 Push Ups
20 Prisoner Squats
20 Spider Man Climbs
30 Jumping Jacks
x 2 rounds

Oh, this one looks so simple, but if you know Scott then you know that his workouts are deceivng, they are real killers!

Get Up And Go Workout

5 Get Ups
10 Feet Elevated Pushups20 Squat Jumps
**Do this 3 rounds**

Run 1/4 mile
Repeat this circuit from the top for 3 total rounds
Complete as quickly as you can, rest as needed.

R 1 - 6:12
R 2 - 6:43
R 3 - 7:20

Total 20:15

I found it interesting that I got slower as the rounds went by. I was "running" out of steam, sigh!  But is was an awesome workout.  I look forward to all of the new workouts!  Lovin' It!