Saturday, March 31, 2012

W.O.D. (Workout Of the Day), Week 6, Day 1

Normally I do my workouts first thing in the morning but today I got a late start and decided to save my workout for when I get to the gym to do my lab work for school.

I was partnered up with one of my classmates and we had to work each other out.  My workout was a NASM, OPT Model, Phase 2 , Strength Endurance workout courtesy of Chrystian.
  • Cobra Back Extension x 12 reps
  • Alternating Back Lunge to Balance x 12 reps (each leg)
  • Squat Thrust with Jump x 12 reps
  • Treadmill 5 minutes - running

Phase 2 - Strength Endurance.  Split sets, 2 sets,  10 reps of each.  60 seconds rest after second set.

  • DB Bench Chest Press (17.5 lb Db's) x 10 reps (2-0-2 tempo)
  • MB Push Ups x 10 reps (4-2-1 tempo)
  • Assisted Chin Up Machine x 10 reps (2-0-2 tempo)
  • Single Leg Bar Body Weight Rows x 10 reps (4-2-1 tempo)
  • Pike Push Ups x 10 (2-0-2 tempo)
  • Kettlebell Raises (15 lb KB) x 10 reps (4-2-1 tempo)
  • DB Bulgarian Split Lunge x 10 each leg (15 lb DBs)
  • DB Lunges to balance x 10 each leg (5 lb DBs)
  • Treadmill - 5 minutes - running
I could feel this in every part of my body.  The 1 legged Bodyweight Rows were probably the hardest.  It was so hard to pull myself up, hold, and lower at such a slow, eccentric tempo.  My legs were on fire with the lunges, and those MB push ups were a challenge too, especially with my shoulder.  It was hard to keep a close grip and once again maintain that slow tempo.  Good Stuff!