Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Mon. Feb. 14, 2011

Week 5, day 1

My SMART Quest for today:  Carry on - I have been so on track and loving it!  I hope I can keep it up!

I went to bed later than I would have usual, knowing that I was going to be attempting Zuzana's 400 rep Workout for Abs!

I managed to get 5 1/2 hours sleep!

Awoke: 5:00 am - 5 1/2  hours sleep!
Warm up: 5:20 am
Push ups x 8
Squats x 12
Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
Jumping Jacks x 20
Completed 2 rounds

New 400 Rep Workout – Great for Six Pack ;)

Workout Breakdown

Time: ? min.
Workout Type: Strength Training
Exercises: 10
  • 1) One Leg Burpee5 reps on each leg
  • 2) Burpee Knee Raises10 reps
  • 3) Side Burpee Knee Tuck5 reps on each side
  • 4) Burpee Step Up5 reps on each leg
  • 5) Burpee Roll Over10 reps
  • 6) Sumo Burpees10 reps
  • 7) Burpee Pull Up10 reps
  • 8) Half Burpee & Jump Over10 reps
  • 9) 2x Jump Lunge & 2 Taping Push Ups10 reps
  • 10) Frog Burpee10 reps
Oh my gosh!  This was a killer.  It took me 28 minutes just to do the first round.  I managed the second round in about 24 minutes.  I wanted to keep going and I know I could have at least finished 3 rounds but I had to help my daughter get ready for school and I don't like her watching me work out, so I just did 2 rounds.  But I figured that it would have worked out for about 1 hour and 40 minutes or more!  I will do this again!!