Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. Feb. 2, 2011

Week 3, Day 3
My SMART Quest for today: Keep this positive attidue going!
I have continued to be really great with my workouts, and now also with my eating!  I am worried about this weekend as my daughter has a cheer competition this weekend in Palm Springs.    I hope I will be good! 
Sleep: Went to bed at 11:00 pm , slept ok.  Hubby is still snoring, but I managed to get some zzzz's in!
Awoke:  5:00 am
Warm Up: 5:20 am - (4:30 mins/seconds) Used 8 lb weights 

Workout:  5:30 am Jari Love's Get Ripped & Chiseled
This is one of my old favorites.  I haven't done this DVD in 2 weeks.  It is designed for any level but is also great for advanced levels.  I use much heavier dumbbells than suggested to get the most out of the workout.  It is about 1 hour long and by the time I am done, I am tired, dripping sweat and my muscles get a good fullbody workout. Don't let the video clip fool you, this is a challenging workout if you use the proper weights!  I especially love the chest flys, chest presses and push ups!

  • This is a High Rep 1 hour Intense Workout with lots of pulses (ouch!)
  • Use Heavier Dumbells to challenge yourself

 Small stretches that target each worked muscle are done in between each exercise.

Lunges with back foot up on a step: 56 reps - 20 lbs (10 lbs each hand).My legs were on fire this time, had a hard time keeping at it.
Squats with pulsing: 88 reps - 20 lbs (10 lbs. each hand). The pulsing really makes my quads burn..on fire! I was really sweating right away and worried I might have trouble getting through the workout for some reason.   (length 4:33)

Stiff Leg Dead Lift: 28 reps - 30 lbs (15 lbs. each hand). This was a good weight,  Felt good.  (length 2:10)

Bent Knee Dead Lift: 28 reps - 24 lbs (12 lbs each hand). My back seemed to be strainng this time, but I made it through. (length 2:15)

Chest Press: 62 reps - 30 lbs (15 lbs each hand). I went up to 15 lbs this time.  Lordy were my arms on fire.  It was a ot of reps.  I really had to push through, my arms were on fire. (length 3:26)

Push Ups: 36 reps - 8 regular push ups on toes, 4 - 3 pulse push ups, 3 rounds. My arms were so tired again so I had to do a few of the reps on my knees.  I was disappointed as usually I can do all of them on my toes, but I find that if I use heavier ights in the chest presses before, then I cannot complete all of the push ups on my toes. (length 3:00)

Chest Flys: 62 reps - 26 lbs (13.5 lbs each hand). This is a very intense interval. I could only do 1/2 the reps at this weight and had to go back down to 12 lbs per hand for the rest of the reps.  My arms were spent after the chest presses and push ups!  Good burn though! (length 4:42)

Vertical Grip Bent Over Rows: 32 reps - 30 lbs (15 lbs each hand)   Whooya, I went up to 15 ;bs per hand for this exercise.  Felt really good burn in my back! (length 2:25)

Horizontal Grip Bent Over Rows: 37 reps - 24 lbs (12 lbs each hand). The combo of these two exercises is really nice for my back. I can really feel it. (length 2:20)

Tricep Bench Dips: 32 reps 24 straight reps, small rest 8 more reps. Ouch! (length 1:55)

Skull Crushers: 38 reps - 10 lbs (5 lbs each hand). These seem so innocent, but by the time I finish the last reps my triceps are on fire! I wish I could go higher, but today my arms were really shaking after this deceptive exercise! (length 3:36)

Lat Pull Overs: 52 reps - 12.5  lbs total. I went up just 1/2 lb for this one.  Still really feel it and my arms were shaking! (length 4:20)

Overhead Press: 66 reps with pulsing - 16 pounds/10 lbs. 3/4 way through the reps I go down to 10 lbs total as the 16 lbs is too much since my arms are so fatigued. (length 3:30)

Anterior Raise: 12 reps - 10 lbs total (5 lbs each hand). This is the same exercise Scott had us do where we raise the weights up out in front , out to the sides, down, back up, back in front and then down. Since it is high reps I can only do the 5 lbs DB's at this time, hope to bump up to higher weights, I used to do 8, 10 & 12 lbs but much lower reps. (length 1:30)

Biceps Curls: 120 reps - 16 lbs. (8 lbs each hand). Goodness this is a lot of reps working first lower biceps 8 reps, then 2 count staggered curls for 4 reps, then upper biceps for 8 reps, then 2 count staggered curls for 4 reps, then 16 full bicep curls. 3 rounds for a total of 120 reps. By this time my arms are ready to fall off, geez! (length 4:45)

Hammerhead Curls: 88 reps - 20 lbs (10 lbs each hand). 4 counts up and 4 counts down for 2 reps, 3 counts up 1 count down for 4 reps, 2 count up and 2 counts down for 4 reps, then 16 single count reps alternating arms and bringing each arm up across chest for each rep. 4 rounds less the 16 singles are taken out for the last round. I am glad this ends the workout! I don't think I could do much more, lol. (length 4:45)

Nice cool down and stretch of all the worked muscles. (length 4:30)

The Stuff I love & Use:   

Meal #1: 7:00 am -  10 ozs fat free milk with 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder (180 calories)
Meal #2:  10:30 am - Coffee & sugar free creamer, 1 egg, cinnamon, 2 slices uncured bacon, 1/2 banana, 5 dried apricots  (310 calories) 
Meal #3: 2:00 pm -  shrimp & seafood cocktail & corn tortillas (525 calories)
Meal #4: 7:00 pm - left over broccoli beef stir fry. (429 calrories)
1068 calories total - low

WATER: 8 glasses