Friday, March 11, 2011

Ageless Abs 2 - My "WHY"

1.  List 3 things you want to change about your body.
  1. I  want to lose the extra bodyfat I have hanging around my thighs, abs, hips, arms, etc.
  2. I want to see more muscle definition in arms. abs, back & legs
  3. I want to firm up and feel stronger  
2.  Why is this so important to you? What is your reason?
  1. I want to be healthy & strong.  I want to age gracefully knowing that I am doing the best for my body so that I can stay healthy and not succumb to things that I have the power to change.  I don't want to regret "not doing something" that I could have that would hekp to prevent an illness or injury as I continue to get older. I want to be here for as long as I can for my children.  They are my life!  I don't want to miss anything in their lives.
3.   List the habits or actions that have contributed to why your body is the way it is today.
  1. Giving up after working so hard.  Getting to my goals and then just quitting!
  2. Mindless eating with the thought that "hey, there is always tomorrow"
  3. Stress - letting other people make me feel like I am selfish for wanting to take care of myself, worrying about what people think!
4.   List 3 things you could do right now that will make a difference
today (an action, no matter how small, that will bring you closer to
your goal).

  1. Realize that "I am worth it" , I am in control, I can do this.
  2. Stay away from negative people that are out to undermine my success
  3. Think before I eat!  Don't let my emotions guide my "hunger".
5.  List at least 2 things that you are giving up by not being more fit.
  1. I give up the chance of ever really getting to my true potential - my
  2. I risk the chance of being unhealthy and therefore not being there for my children & family!
  3. Happiness!  Gina not fit = unhappiness for me!
6.    What is it costing you?
  1. Again, happiness - not being happy = depression = low self esteem = stress = being unhealthy and fat!
  2. Missing out on life while worrying about something I CAN CHANGE!
7.     What do you gain by keeping things the way they are?
  1. Nothing really, my fears of failure won't get me in shape.  The only place to go from here if I don't step it up is "down" and that is not healthy or productive to the life style I want to have!