Monday, March 21, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Mon. March 21, 2011

Week 2, Day 1, 
My SMART Quest for today is:  Try to stay positive.  I have been on a good workout plan and clean eating for many many months.  Things this time around with Ageless Abs 2 will be slower going.  Try not to get frustrated!

I am feeling stronger physically and can seemingly plow right through some of the workouts even when I make them much more advanced. This is good considering that 6 months ago I could barely do 2 Push Ups on my toes after taking a break from working out for several months.

MONDAY STATS:  I haven't had a chance to post my measurements, etc, but I will.  I was a bit disappointed.  Up until Saturday I had lost 4 lbs so I was feeling really good, but after this weekend with the desserts and wine and salty food I really just had a loss of 1 lb!  But I am happy with a weight loss.  I can see why Scott doesn't want us to weigh ourselves as this has put a damper in my mood but I will just keep moving ahead!  My measurements were about the same (they have been the same since the end of December, no loss (a small gain from the end of Ageless Abs 1)

OMG MOMENT!  So for those of you reading my blog, you know that I had book club meeting on Saturday night.  I was supposed to have a reward meal on Friday, but pushed it to Saturday so I could enjoy time eating with my book club friends.  Imagine my shock when the hostess brought out dinner:  Chicken breasts, Asparagus, & Salad! Say What????  I was so bummed out as I eat food like this everyday of my clean eating!  So much for a real cheat day!  So I decided to have some wine and a few of the chocolate desserts! 

Yesterday (Sunday) was challenging.  We had family over for a luncheon.  I could not eat most of the food so I was a good girl and ate some of the turkey breast lunch meat, 1/2 sliced avocado & salad.  I did taste some of the dishes that other folks bought but I I really didn't go wild or over eat.  I just kept myself really busy making sure everyone had food and drinks and kept cleaning.  It really helped.

SLEEP:   5 1/2 hours (not so good).  I aways seem to stay up too late.  I know I shouldn't. but I always do, sigh!  I slept okay, the usual waking up from tie to time at night, but I go right back to sleep.
AWOKE: 5:10 am

WARM UP: 5:40 am
Squats x 12
Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
Jumping Jacks x 20

Performed 2 rounds of this circuit

WORKOUT: 5:45 am - Weight Based Interval Training # 1 
Squats on BOSU Ball  x 25
Push Ups with Feet Elevated x 20
Suicide Planks x 20
BOSU Mountain Jumpers x 20
I was able to complete 5 rounds in 20 minutes!  R1 - 2:43, R2 - 3:06, R3 - 4:31, R4 - 5:25, R5 - 5:26. 
I think my timer was set for more than 1 round of 20 minutes and I didn't realize it had gone off so I continued to workout out and did another 1/2+ round in 3:31 .  It was interesting to see how quickly I was banging out the first 2 rounds and then I just started to slowly lose steam. So glad I time each round.

I did BOSU Prisoner Squats to make it more advanced and I also did them prisoner style with my hands behind my head.  I added 10 extra reps per round and did 25 reps per round. 
I did the Push Ups with my feet elevated on a chair.  Last week, this was super challenging.  This week I added 5 extra resp for a total of 20 reps per round.  It was challenging, but I can feel how much stronger my abs are now and I found that I could do about 17 - 18, but by the last 2 reps my arms felt like rubber.  I tried the BOSU Push Ups but did not think they were as challenging as using the chair. 
I was more careful this time doing the Suicide Planks because I rubbed a bit of skin off of my right elbow last Monday and it still is not healed.  I made it a point to lead with my right arm this time and that helped a a lot.  I also put a very cushy folded towel down on my mat.  I also added extra reps to the Suicide Planks for a total of 20 reps per round and boy could I feel it!
I liked doing the Mountain Jumpers with the BOSU and again added extra reps for a total of 20 reps per round.
 I rested only briefly between exercises or when I was failing and needed to stop.  once again, this was a great workout.  I love how it really worked my abs.
I still managed to crank out more reps than I had anticipated.  I really love doing the push ups.  But adding the reps and the more advanced moves definitely got my heart rate up and wiped me out!
I had my recovery shake within 60 minutes of my workout!  I wish I could have it sooner but I have to deal with getting my teenage daughter up every morning and it is no easy task, so by the time I get her up and out, the clock has ticked away!

Meal #1:  7:15 am -  1 Scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, 8 ozs fat free milk, ice (190 calories)
Meal #2:  10:30 am - Egg white omelet with spinach, onions & mushrooms, spray of olive oil.  1 slice of Applewood Farms uncured turkey bacon, 1/2 small banana. (185 calories)
Meal #3: 2:00 pm - 2 ozs turkey breast luncheon meat, mixed salad greens, raw mushrooms, lite dressing,  1/2 cup of brown wild rice medley with lentils & radish seeds. (230 calories)
Meal #4: 5:30 pm - 1 slice toasted Ezekiel sprouted bread, 1 Tbs Natural peanut butter, small serving almonds & cashews (370 calories)
Meal #5: 3 ozs grilled chicken breast, 3 1/2 ozs steamed asparagus, coffee, 1 slice Ezekiel toast (254 calories)
1210 calories total
WATER: 8 glasses

MINDSET:  I am trying to keep positive.  I think I am so afraid of not getting te results I want  or desire and failing.  I realize that just by doing what I am doing is a wonderful thing for my health and my longevity, but sometimes I get a bit frustrated to be working so hard asnd being so devoted and not getting the results I used to get when I didn't work as hard or eat as cleanly when I was a bit younger.  I know that menopause has something to do with it.  I am going to try and research a bit more to see if I can find any help!