Friday, March 18, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Fri. March 18,2011

Week, 1 Day 5 - Reward Day!
My SMART Goal for today is:  Thank God it is a new day!  I feel I have really had a great week so far.  I only had the minor setback of eating that small portion of dessert, but amazingly, I lost 1 lb from yesterday!  Yes, I am a scale junkie and I said I wouldn't weigh myself, but I was starting to feel down about my abs being so bloated!  Along with that 1 lb of weight loss the bloating went down so it must have been water in the tissue trying to help heal it?  So weighing myself gave me that peace of mind I needed.  This time it worked in my favor but I know often times it can work against us! 

It is our reward meal day, but I am not sure if I will have it tonight or save it for tomorrow!  I have book club on Saturday and I think that would be a better choice (we have dinner) and then just get back on the rotation with everyone else and have another Reward Day in 4 days, but I am not sure yet what I will do!

Sleep:    8 1/2 hours  (finally) - Went to bed about 10:45 pm  - My daughter had no school today so I could sleep in!
Awoke:  7:15 am
Warm Up: 7:45 am 
8 push ups
12 squats
10 spiderman climbs
20 jumping jacks
Completed 2 rounds!

Workout:  7:50 am

Today I am doing Scott Colby's Ageless Abs 2 Weight Based Interval training #3.
My abs also don't hurt today and I am greatful for that!  My triceps are still a bit sore, so doing the close grip push ups today might be a challenge!


The Step
Gymboss Interval Timer
Exercise Mat

8 lb Dumbbells
Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to count down 1 Interval of 20:00 minutes

Weight Based Interval Training #3 

Close Grip Push Ups x 20
Step Jumps with Squats Jumps with Squats x 20
T-Stabilizations with dumbbells x 20 total
Squat Thrusts x 20
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Rest only as needed

I was able to complete 4 rounds in 23:15 minutes (3 1/2 rounds in 20 minutes)
Rd#1 - 6:47, Rd#2 - 5:39, Rd#3 - 5:24, Rd#4 - 2:38 (1/2 of a round) + 3:15 to finish  
You will notice that my first round took the longest because I added 10 extra push ups to the Squat Thrusts before I realized that my arms would fatigue too quickly and compromise my workout, but this is something to definitley work up to!
Today I did 20 reps on all exercises instead of 15.
The Close Grip Push Ups were super chalenging for me.  I Love push ups, but these are very hard to do.

I used a high step and did Step Jumps with Squats  to make it more challenging.  Still waiting for that d@#! BOSU Ball, lol.

I did Squat Thrusts with push ups  in round 1 for 10 of the reps but soon realized that I would not be able to do the Close Grip Push Ups right after so I just switched back to Squat Thrusts.

I added 8 lb dumbbells to each hand for the T-Stabilizations for 20 reps.  I also had wanted to add Push Ups in between each rep, but again, if I had added Push Ups to 3 of these exercises that would have been over 120 Push Ups  and my Triceps were already feeling challenged.

I have to say this workout really exhausted me.  I think  working out later played with my head a bit too.  I am so used to working out when it is still dark.  I almost found myself getting side tracked but I pushed through and challenged myself to complete this workout and try to have great form but move quickly!  I was grunting through those Close Grip Push UPs (kept wishing I had only decided to do 15, lol).  It was a good feeling of accomplishment to get  through the workout!  Thank so much Scott for pushing me and inspiring me to work harder!

Had my recovery Green Smoothie within 55 minutes of my workout!

MEALS:  P & C & R Day
Meal#1: - 9:20 am Green Smoothie! (yea me, I hate these).  1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder, Sincah, Strawberries, Blueberries, & water, coffee (sugar free creamer) (165 calories, 7.6 gms sugar)
Meal #2: - 12:00 am - 1 small serving of Oatmeal,  Egg white omlette with spinach , mushroms, onion ( 150 calories, 0.7 gms sugar)
Meal #3: - 2:30 pm 2 slices Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread, Tuna with touch of olive oil, oregano, vinegar & stevia. 1/2 avocado, 1 cup Jicama slices 1 Tbs Hummus (calories, gms sugar)
Meal #4: -  5:30 pm -  1 1/2 Tbs Peanut Butter, 1 small apple (calories, gms sugar)
Meal #5: - 8:30 pm -  Grilled Shrimp , Broccoli (calories, gms sugar)

 _calores total, _sugars for the whole day. 
WATER: 9 glasses (so far)

MINDSET: Today has been a good day.  I have felt positive about my program and what I am doing!  I feel in control today and that is a good thing.  I have kept myself very busy but I have made sure that i didn't miss any of my meals.  I hope to continue on in this path!