Saturday, March 5, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Sat. March 5, 2011

My SMART Quest for today:  WORKOUT!!!!!  Just DO it! No excuses.  Things have been going very well!

Sleep was decent especially since most of last week I was tossing and turning a lot.  It was nice to sleep in a little too.

Awoke:  5:45 am
Warm Up: 6:15 am 
8 push ups
12 squats
10 spiderman climbs
20 jumping jacks
Completed 2 rounds!

Today I will be doing 2 of Zuzana's workouts.  The first workout is 60 High Knee Get Ups, it is a time challenge of 1 exercise.  The second workout is  Halo of Sweat workout and is a timed interval workout of 12 minutes.  I worked out for a total of 22+ minutes.  It was exhausting! 


Exercise Challenge – 60 High Knee Get Ups 
Workout Breakdown
Time: ? min.
Workout Type: Time Challenge

  • Set your interval timer as a stop watch and get your exercise mat ready. 
  • Start with 10 high knees as fast as you can.
  • Drive your knees as high as possible while keeping your core tight, chest up and shoulders back and down. A very common mistake that I have seen people making is to shrug their shoulders so that they are almost touching their ears :) This throws off your form completely so please stay focused the entire time to get the most benefits from this challenge.
  • As soon as you complete 10 high knees drop down onto your exercise mat so that your belly and chest touch down.
  • Then power up into the standing position.
This is one round.
10 high knees

Get Down and Get Up

Complete 60 rounds as fast as you can while keeping proper form.
Zuzana’s time for this challenge was 7:54 :)
MY SCORE: 10:37 and I think I actually over 70 reps because I kept losing count.  This was very challenging.  I took a short rest and then on to the next workout!

Next workout:

Halo of Sweat Workout – Beating our personal bests.

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min
Workout Type: Interval training
Exercises: 6
  • Sumo Jump Knee Up x max.reps
  • Sumo Pulse Calve Raise x max.reps
  • Reptile on the run x max.reps
  • Reptile Push Up - slow speed x max reps
  • Knee Hugs x max.reps
  • Ab Burn Out x max.reps

  • Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 rounds and two intervals – of 10 seconds and 30 seconds.
  •  This workout has 3 parts x  4 minutes.
  • Do 2 exercises back and forth with 10 seconds rest in between each set
  • You will go through each part of this workout 3 times.
Part 1:
a) Sumo Jump Knee Up – go for maximum reps.
My score: 14, 12, 12
Zuzana's score: 13, 11, 11
b) Sumo Pulse Calve Raise
My score: 20, 19, 19
Zuzana's score:16, 16, 12
Part 2:
a) Reptile on the run – go for maximum reps
My score: 27, 29, 19
Zuzana's Score: 40, 20, 15
b) Reptile Push Up – try super slow speed
My score: 5, 6, 6
Zuzana's score: 5, 4, 4
Part 3:
a) Knee Hugs – go for maximum reps
My score:  12, 12, 12
Zuzana's score: 17, 15, 14
b) Ab Burn Out – do as many of these short pulses as possible
My score: 27, 33, 33
Zuzana's score: 38, 34, 33

I was really running out of steam by this time.  I was beat!  Great workout!


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