Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. March 30, 2011

Week 3, Day 3
My SMART Quest for today is:  I am really feeling better now.  I have been meticulous in my eating habits and I think that I am seeing the results.  I have been making an effort to not eat anything after 7:30 - 8:00 pm.  I think I was racking up unnecessary calories so this seems to be working.
For more about my Mindset & Meal Plan (I am trying something new) scroll to the bottom of this entry. 

I am feeling "thinner", the scale says so (yes, I know we are not supposed to weigh), but my measurements are about the same.  I have lost in my hips and bust, but those darn thighs refuse to budge at all, ugh!

SLEEP:   6 hours - The usual, I went to bed just after 11:00 pm and got up just after 5:00 am. 
AWOKE: 5:00 am
WARM UP: 5:25 am
Squats x 12
Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
Jumping Jacks x 20
Performed 2 rounds of this circuit
Today I am doing the Weight Based Interval Training #2, weeks 3 & 4  from Scott Colby's Ageless Abs 2 Program.  I am adding extra reps and doing 20 (and 30) reps per exercise instead of 15 and also doing some of the exercises on a more advanced level to keep it challenging.
Metabolic Ignition Phase - Weeks 3 and 4
WORKOUT: 5:30 am - Weight Based Interval Training # 2 , Week 3

Walking Lunge with Medicine Ball Rotation (I used an 8 lb med ball) x 20 total  
Dips With Feet on Stability Ball, x 20
Jumping Lunges x 30 total (each lunge counts as 1)
BOSU Mountain Climber Push Ups x 20 
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Rest only as needed

I was able to complete 4 rounds in 21:56   R1 - 5:22, R2 - 5:32, R3 - 5:38, R4 - 5:24

I added 15 reps of the Ab Wheel - full extension as a finisher! 
These are very tough to do and I can really feel it in my lower back. It was also a great way to stretch out my lower back afterwards by going into a "child's pose" and then gently rolling out with the wheel to stretch my spine, it felt good. (The stretching not the Ab Workout, lol)
Okay, so this was another one of those mis-leading workouts!  It also looked like it would be so easy and I was worried it wouldn't be challenging enough!  Once again - WRONG!!!!  Very challenging!

The Walking Lunge with Medicine Ball Rotation was actually very hard to do.  I used an 8 lb medicine ball and did 20 reps.  By the time I got to about the 12th rep each time, my arms, especially my deltoids were on fire, and I could really feel this in my obliques too.
Dips with feet on Stability Ball (I used an aerobic Step with extra risers and a Bosu) I need to find my Stability Ball and inflate it.  I did 20 reps and because the step and the Bosu were about the same height it was a decent challenge.  I am still afraid of these dips after what happened to me last time so I am very careful with my form, etc.
Jumping Lunges - I did 30 reps as fast as I could with keeping good form and doing a decent lunge before jumping to the next leg.
BOSU Mountain Climber Push Ups  - I did 20 reps, oh my gosh!  This was hard.  I am also having trouble getting a comfortable grip on the edge of the BOSU.  The pads of my palm get really sore.  I have to keep stopping and rearranging my hands.  This was a lot of reps to do, but glad to have the challenge.

The sweat was rolling off of my face onto the back of the BOSU again! Eww! 
This Workout  really worked my upper body, shoulders arms, as well as my abs/obliques  
MEALS NEW IDEA: So for the meals I am trying something a bit different.  We are not supposed to count calories, but for someone like me who is a muscle burner type I need to be careful how many calories I ingest as supposedly I don't need that many calories to begin with.  Normally we have a protein shake or recovery drink right after working out.  I am usually not very hungry so instead for the last few days I have just been having a piece of fruit (banana, mango, mixed fresh berries, etc), then 3 hours later I have an egg white omelet with veggies.  I have cut out right there with those 2 meals over 200 calories.  Then for lunch I have a lean piece of protein such a chicken, fresh fish, lean beef, shrimp, etc. with a vegetable.  I will then have a bout 6 raw walnut halves.  3 hours later I have a snack.  This is where it gets interesting for me.  You see my "binge/hunger/craving" time falls late in the afternoon after lunch and before dinner.  Sound familiar?  So instead of just having carbs in the morning as suggested (when I don't want them), I have been eating 2 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread with 1 Tbs of Natural Peanut butter.  I sit and thoroughly enjoy every moment of this and I feel so satiated, and I don't even get hungry for dinner.  3 hours later  have my last meal which is the same as lunch - a lean protein and vegetable.  I keep myself really busy all day especially at night so I won't want to eat.  I stop eating between 7:30 - 8:00 pm. 

I have been losing weight and inches since I started doing this on Monday!  I am going to keep at this until Saturday when I will have a reward meal (which scares me). (see yesterday's entry to see a good example of my meals since this day is still not finished.)
Meal #1:  7:00 am -  1/2 fresh mango sliced, coffee & sugar free creamer
Meal #2:  10:00 am - egg white omelet with spinach & tomatoes
Meal #3: 1:30 pm -  3 1/2 ozs Fresh Tuna, 3 1/2 ozs steamed asparagus, 6 walnut halves
Meal #4: 5:00 pm -  2 slices toasted Ezekiel sprouted bread, 1 Tbs natural peanut butter
Meal #5: 8:00 pm -  3 ozs roasted turkey breast, roasted carrots
calories total
WATER: 8 glasses (so far)



Melina said...

I'm a muscle burner also. I laughed when you talk about the "binge/hunger/craving" time being late afternoon, before dinner. That is my weak time also! I struggle with packaged foods here: crackers, granola bars, etc. I may try your trick of Ezekeil bread with PB.


Gina said...

Hey Melina,
I know what you mean about the packaged crackers , etc. I had to stop buying them because they were just too easy to "go to" when I was feeling really hungry. Now by the time I am eating that 2nd slice of Toast (I eat it slowly, the peanut butter helps with that, and I savor every bite, lol.), I find that I am already getting full and I feel so satisfied. Not sure if it is good to do this but this week I have lost 3. 5 pounds so far by tweaking my eating plan where the first 2 weeks I really didn't lose much. I am sure a lot of this is water, but it is nice to get rid of it.