Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥ SMART Quest ♥ Wed. March 2, 2011

My SMART Quest for today is: Try to stay focused.  I have been religious about my workouts and I ave been doing very well with my eating but I have been SO busy that it is hard to keep everything straight!

Today I will be doing Zuzana's BodyRock.Tv Counter - Strike Fat Workout along with 4 Tabata Intervals to give me a decent length workout.  Clicking the link below will take you to the webpage.

Counter – Strike Fat Workout

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min
Workout Type: Maximum Sets Challenge
Exercises: 1
  • PushUp/Side Lunge Combo  3/2
Set Gymboss Interval Timer for 1 Interval 12 minutes.

Complete as many reps as you can during the 12 minutes.

This combo is made up of 3 traveling push ups, and two side hops with  2 side lunges.

This was a killer workout for only 12 minutes! 
I was able to complete 31 1/2 reps. 
Zuzana's old score was 33 1/2 reps so not so bad. 

Of course I still felt like I needed to do more so I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 rounds of 10 seconds rest & 20 seconds work.   Each Interval is 4 minutes long.
I did 4 Tabata Intervals for a total of 16 minutes:

Side to Side Ski Jumps - 58, 60, 61, 61, 60, 61, 60, 62 reps per round!
Bowling Lunges - 44, 44, 44, 43, 43, 43, 42, 43 reps per round!
Hi - lo Punches with jump squats (weighted gloves) - 30 reps per round - 15 reps per side
Mountain Climbers - 48, 40, 34, 38, 38, 39, 38, 41 reps per round!  I was really losing it here.  I was exhausted!  I could barely get through this last interval as you can see by my score I was struggling, but I pushed through!